Radial clubhand

Radial Clubhand: Restoring Hope and Functionality

Welcome to our website, where we provide comprehensive information about Radial Clubhand and the expert care offered by Dr. Sameer Desai, a renowned pediatric orthopedic surgeon based in Pune. If you or your loved one is dealing with Radial Clubhand, you’re  in the right place to learn more about the condition, its treatment options, and the experienced medical professional who can guide you through this journey.

Understanding Radial Clubhand: Radial Clubhand is a congenital condition where the radius bone in the forearm is either partially or completely underdeveloped, leading to a deformity in the wrist and hand. This condition can range in severity, from mild cases where the hand may appear slightly smaller or less functional, to more severe cases where the hand is severely twisted and non-functional.

Meet Dr. Sameer Desai: Dr. Sameer Desai is a distinguished pediatric orthopedic surgeon with a special interest in congenital hand and upper limb differences, including Radial Clubhand. With his extensive expertise and compassionate approach, Dr. Desai has earned a reputation as a leading specialist in his field. He is committed to helping children with Radial Clubhand achieve the best possible outcomes, both functionally
and aesthetically.

Comprehensive Care and Treatment: At our clinic in Pune, we offer comprehensive care for children diagnosed with Radial Clubhand. Dr. Sameer Desai believes in a personalized treatment approach, considering the unique needs of each patient and their family. Treatment options may include

Surgical Correction: For severe cases of Radial Clubhand, surgical intervention might be necessary. Dr. Desai utilizes advanced techniques to reconstruct the affected hand and wrist, aiming to improve functionality and appearance.
Non-Surgical Options: Mild cases of Radial Clubhand can often be managed with non-surgical interventions such as physical therapy, splinting, and adaptive techniques to enhance hand function and mobility.
Ongoing Support: Our commitment to our patients doesn't end with the
treatment. We provide ongoing support, follow-up care, and guidance to ensure the best possible outcome for each child as they grow and develop.

Patient-Centered Approach: Dr. Sameer Desai believes in a patient-centered approach, where the child  well-being and family's comfort are paramount. He takes the time to thoroughly explain the condition, treatment options, and expected outcomes, ensuring
that families are well-informed and involved in the decision-making process.

Restoring Hope: Radial Clubhand can be a challenging condition, but with the right expertise and support, there is hope for a brighter future. Dr. Sameer Desai and his team are dedicated to restoring hope and functionality to children with Radial Clubhand, empowering them to lead fulfilling lives.

If you’re  seeking expert care for Radial Clubhand in Pune, don't hesitate to reach out to Dr. Sameer Desai. Contact us today to schedule a  consultation and take the first step towards a better quality of life for your child.


Pre operative photo showing radial clubhand
Pre operative photo showing radial clubhand
Post operative photo showing centralization of forearm
Post operative photo showing centralization of forearm