Miss Khairunissa from Indonesia had bow legs due to rickets which were treated with multiple osteotomies and correction.

Miss Patel from Fiji island had recurrent clubfoot which was operated and corrected

Master Mohammed from Iraq had cerebral palsy and hand deformity and difficulty in holding objects. He was treated with tendon transfer for hand and had a good result

Miss Fatima from Iraq had foot deformity because of trauma. She was operated with tendon transfer and was able to have a normal gait after surgery

Painting done by few of my patients in a painting competition held to mark cerebral palsy day. These children have difficulty in holding pencils and drawing equipment. They have conquered all the odds and have done such wonderful artwork to celebrate the day.

Kokane family. Their child had clubfoot which was treated by Ponseti method. They recently had a family picnic where they clicked this photo.

Family from Sri Lanka treated for Dislocation of hip.
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I was enjoying the beautiful days of my 2nd pregnancy. The happiness turned into fear and sorrow when we found via ultrasound sonography that the baby has developed left clubfoot. We were in trauma even though we had a family history of this problem as my father-in-law had same problem when he was born in 1947. There was hardly anything that doctor could do until the baby was born. We met Dr. Sameer Desai for our baby's treatment on 3rd day after his birth. He suggested Ponseti method of treatment which is different than the traditional method that includes months of casting and extensive reconstructive surgery. Sooner was better… so we started the treatment and our baby, Sharv, had his 1st cast on left foot on 8th day after his birth. The process that we went through when Sharv was being treated was amazing. We visited Dr. Sameer Desai weekly and he manipulated & casted Sharv's foot. After just 5 casts and a tenotomy, the correction was complete.NowSharv is wearing splint for 23 hours a day; he will continue to wear till Sharv completes 1 year to prevent the chance of relapse. Sharv is 6 months old now and his left foot looked just like the right. We also have check-ups every month and so far Sharv's foot is doing great. Our experience with Dr. Sameer Desai has been and continues to be a great one. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of those involved in our baby's care. I am also extremely thankful to Dr.Ponseti, for dedicating his life for developing this method and for passing on his knowledge to help our children.

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We remember it was the 7th month ultrasound when we came to know about our baby’s club foot challenge. We had not even heard the ‘word clubfoot”…the last trimester of the pregnancy was full of emotions and worries for the wellbeing of our child. We did a thorough research on the net and sought advice from where ever we could, gynecologist,orthopedics,surgeons and anybody we thought could be instrumental in the treatment. We were assured that it was absolutely correctable but the right kind of treatment needs to be done from the right hands. When the baby came, we were surely happy but in high stress and we were looking for a club foot specialist pediatrician and that’s when we got to know about Doctor Sameer Desai. We contacted him directly, he called us that very day and after seeing the baby the first sentence he said was “it is my guarantee and responsibility, don’t worry” I remember when we heard hiswords we were so much in relief already.Doctor Desai started the treatment with casting and a minor surgery and it came out perfect. Now our baby’s feet are absolutely perfect, he has to wear the brace to prevent the recurrencefor one and half year. The experience with Doctor Sameer Desai was awesome; his attitude is like a friend, philosopher and guide. Thank you so much Doctor Desai and Doctor Ponseti who invented this treatment. We would like to assure every parent that “clubfoot” is absolutely curable and a well-treated clubfoot is no disability.