Pulled elbow

The parents will usually give a history that the child was playing and there was a jerk to the forearm. Following which the child has stopped moving the hand. On examination there is no swelling and there is no bony tenderness. This is seen in children less than 2 years in which the annular ligament gets interposed between the radius and the capitulum. Radiographs will be normal. Ultrasound can be performed if easily available. There is a reduction manoeuvre whereby it can be relocated. It can happen again, hence care needs to be taken that the child is handled with care. As the age of child increase the possibility of pulled elbow goes on decreasing. The results after reduction are like magic. The child will start moving the limb immediately. There is no need of plaster or sling.

Typical posture of child after pulled elbow
Schematic representation of pulled elbow