Malunited fractures

Long bone fractures of children have a very good potential of remodelling. However there are certain criteria which determine the degree of remodelling that takes place. In general, younger children have greater potential of remodelling. Fractures close to joint also have greater potential to remodel. Malunion in the direction of joint axis is better tolerated by patient than rotational malalignment. It is better that fractures are fixed correctly at the time of injury. Reading radiographs of children is difficult and hence a specialist is required.They can be treated with plaster or with nailing and plating. Below are three examples of fracture which were malunited and hence needed to be operated again.

Malunited supracondylar fracture with cubitusvarus deformity
Post operative photo showing good correction of deformity
Pre operative photo showing inability to supinate the left forearm due to malunited fracture forearm
Post operative photo showing full correction of deformity
Pre operative radiograph showing dislocation of radial head because of malunited fracture of ulna
Post operative radiograph showing reduction of radial head following osteotomy and plating of ulna