Lower Limb Trauma

Severe trauma is usually required to injure the lower limb in children. Usual site of fracture is through the diaphysis or metaphysis of bone. Foot injuries are also common in children. These fractures have good remodelling potential hence they can be treated with simple plasters. However femur fractures in older children will usually require nailing or plating. Though the fractures heal quickly, the children sometimes need a longer time to recover and hence will continue to limp even after plaster removal. The children start walking once their pain decreases.

Newborn femur fracture
Fracture treated in cast
United fracture showing callus
Remodelling at6 month
Fracture neck femur with shaft femur
Fracture neck femur fixed with K wire and screw, shaft femur with plate
Physeal injury of distal end of femur
Fracture fixed with K wire