Dislocation of Hip

The incidence of this condition is 1-2/1000 per thousand live births. Parents will usually notice that the baby has shortening of one leg, asymmetric skin folds over thigh, limp and inability to sit cross legged. It is seen more in children with history of breech delivery and in females. It can be diagnosed clinically, using ultrasound and by radiographs. Treatment varies according to severity and age of child. In newborn, Pavlik harness is usually the first line of treatment. Children less than 1 yr. can be treated with closed reduction and spica cast. Older children will require open reduction and bony procedures to correct the orientation of femoral head (ball) and socket( acetabulum).

Photo showing shortening of limb and abnormal skin folds
Pavlik harness
Pre-operative radiograph of dislocation of hip joint
Post- operative radiograph after correction showing well reduced joint