Club Foot

Clubfoot is a condition in which the foot is turned inwards and downwards. Incidence is about 2-3/1000 live births. Though this condition can be diagnosed on ultrasound before birth, it’s treatment starts only after birth. The treatment of choice is Ponseti method of correction in which plasters are applied from first week of birth and foot is corrected gradually with 4-5 serial plasters. Lengthening of heel cord (tendoachillis) is required in 85% children through a small percutaneous incision. After full correction the child is braced for 3 years. The results of this method are very good and time tested and the child is left with minimal residual deformity. If the child comes at a later age then open surgery will be required to cure the foot. The foot can be corrected even at a later age but the complications are mild stiffness and scar. Newer modalities for treatment of older children with clubfoot include JESS fixators and Ilizarov.

Clubfoot Medical Foundation is an Organization dedicated for the treatment of poor children with clubfoot. Poor patients are treated for free through this initiative.

5 yr. old child treated with clubfoot, walking normally